New Delhi Restaurant

Serving masala to the masses

There are roughly 70 Indian restaurants in Oslo. With almost no digital presence as a starting point, New Delhi decided they wanted to rank as one of the top Indian restaurants in Oslo, and contacted Journey Agency. We happily accepted the challenge


Digital Synlighet

UX och utveckling

The Challenge

”Using Google and social media, get our restaurant fully booked.”

How do you attract the attention of hungry Norwegians searching for their next meal? New Delhi had almost no presence online, and needed an entire new website. They had previously worked with Google Ads, but with low conversion rates at a high cost.

Image of meal
Image of restaurant
The Journey

Working closely with New Dehli, we built a website that both brought out the best of their brand and gave a flawless user journey.

Next we tackled SEO and SEM. We went straight for the keywords with the highest search volume that we knew would be the biggest challenge – but also the most important to win.

Image of meal

The Covid-19-pandemic was challenging. The budget was decreased to a minimum, but we still needed to keep our client in front of their customers. By focusing on take-away and other creative services like “Order a Chef to your house”, we managed to navigate New Delhi through social distancing and the complete lockdown in Oslo, giving them a flying start to the post-corona times.

The Result

This project has been an ongoing success. From 2018 to 2021, we increased Domain Rating from 5 to 45 points. We are actively working on 75 keywords linked to, of which 41 % are ranking at Top 10, and 29 % are ranking at Top 20, giving New Delhi a potential booking-rate of 30 000 searchers each month.

As for Google Ads, New Delhi went from 78 conversions in January 2019 to 745 in February 2020 (before the Covid-19-pandemic shut down business). In the same period, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) was reduced from 62 NOK to 13 NOK.

Our efforts in SEO and SEM resulted in a fully-booked restaurant almost every weekend. We have maintained a very long and happy customer-relationship, and are looking forward to collaborating with New Delhi in the future.