Møller Mobility Group

Positioning Møller at the top of the funnel

Møller Mobility Group is a household name in car importation. Yet, their status as one of the largest car companies in Europe wasn’t being done justice in search rankings when they first came to Journey in 2018. Offline, the company’s name is synonymous with key consumer queries from ‘used cars’ to ‘tire-changing’. Online, the connection wasn’t there.


Digital Synlighet


The Challenge

Connect Møller Mobility Group with vital points of the consumer’s digital buying journey through a significant content production, both as content marketing pieces on other websites and articles on the company’s own site.

Setting sail from a library of Norwegian keywords, we began our journey with Møller Mobility Group.

The Journey

Our approach could be categorised twofold: SEO and content marketing.

Following a keyword and competitor analysis, the first step was to build a library of optimized content aimed to capture buyers local to the areas in which Møller has physical shops: dominantly Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Hamar.

Local searchers are the most likely to buy, so they remained the key target for our ongoing SEO strategy the following two years. Meanwhile, we also delivered a steady stream of content marketing pieces. In the form of interviews, press releases, and campaign landing pages, we built up two years´worth of content to boost Møller´s digital performance in close coordination with our SEO content.

The Result

Before starting their journey with us, Møller Mobility Group was barely visible online. Within the first year, 86% of the content we produced for Møller was on the front page in Google.

Today, being a big industry name isn´t enough to win new customers. It´s essential to have a presence in the digital customer journey because online is where many demographics research and make a final buying decision.